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We listen

The perfect plan considers the strengths and weaknesses of the project. Planning ensures the kick-off is flawless and the way forward is crystal clear.

We think

Armed with a knowledge of your business goal an analysis is complete and the design phase begins – building up the architecture and infrastructure.

We create

Distilling a design to code may be the most obvious part of Software Engineering, but not necessarily the largest portion. With an architecture in place, rapid iterations make sure your business is up and running from the start.

We deliver

We are AGILE. Once baseline satisfaction is guaranteed, we go into overdrive to make sure our systems are self-improving, scalable and futureproof.

Working with InboundMuse is a breath of fresh air. The team is professional, dedicated, and deeply knowledgeable in the fields of Blockchain, AI, and digital marketing. At Advanced Metadata our motto is Data Fully Understood and working with InboundMuse makes me feel like their motto is Partners Fully Understood. I would recommend them to anyone seeking help from a top-notch collaborator in the R&D department. - Brendan Cannon, CEO Advanced Metadata




Whether for cryptocurrencies or other decentralised solutions, the revolutionary distributed ledger technology can help your enterprise solve complex problems now and in the near future.

Financial Services

We have implemented blockchain technology for big name players in this sector to great benefit in security, transparency and accountability.

Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing the development of systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making.

Digital Marketing

We are very experienced with a wide range of marketing API's for marketing automation, data mining, smart insight generation and statistical modelling.

Machine Learning

Provides the ability to autonomously improve from experience. ML focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

GDPR Compliance

We have led R&D on RegTech engines being used by global consultancies.

Business Intelligence

Technology for analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help end users make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Retail Chains

We are able to perform advanced customer segmentation and behaviour modelling analytics for use in targeted marketing and conversion rate optimisation.

Computer Vision

Pattern recognition utilises various mathematical techniques to classify data different patterns for use in wide ranging application from marketing to security.


Pioneering match-making algorithms for use in HR and Education sectors helping industry leaders and Universities find their best fit candidate profiles.


Tyron Lloyd Baron


InboundMuse is a family of some of the most hard-working individuals you could ever hope to learn with and from. We foster a very jovial environment as we build innovative, world-class software projects around the world. Our company culture is close-knit and relaxed but an eagerness to exceed expectations is embodied in everyone.

Mark Mallia


Here at InboundMuse we're constantly working on perfecting the recipe that makes great software. Nothing spells brainpower better than applying our head together to solve concrete problems that we love so much to involve ourselves in.


Still got questions?

What is InboundMuse?

An Innovation Lab - First and foremost, InboundMuse is a centre for research and development. InboundMuse is a premier DataScience-As-A-Service Agency that was recognised for its excellent innovations in ICT by the European Commission in 2016.

How can we work together?

As we work closely together to understand your business needs and pains, we will incept and develop innovative solutions on a project basis while continuously managing all aspects of your business technologic innovations as your outsourced R&D partners.

What do you do?

InboundMuse leads R&D projects that transform freely available, but unused, data into tangible business gains. The ultimate goal is always to increase organisational efficiency through automation and self-optimising systems that cut down costs or boost profit margins.

Our solutions mine, manage and master data to automate systems that can range from the completely virtual to the Internet-of-Things; and from the Microscopic (Cancer Research) to the scale of Urban-Planning (Traffic Flow Optimisation).

At what cost?

Every project is different, and each client comes along with a different budget. For this reason projects are priced individually. We like to give customers the maximum value for their budgets, and ensure that your money is invested in the right areas.

When can you start?

It depends, we can usually start in around 1-4 weeks time. Project duration varies to the tune of budget and scope and can range from a few hours of consultancy to instense year-round sprints.

How do you handle the payments?

For projects we require a 40% deposit, while consultancy is billed at an hourly rate of Eu115/hr. We accept payments via Bank transfer, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Deposits are due on receipt all other invoices are due within 15 days. Late fees apply.

Do you work with International companies?

The team is based all around Europe. We've taken work from all across Europe, Central America and Asia. Whilst time difference can provide a challenge, we've never had any workflow issues with any of our clients.

Do you work with Startups?

We love getting involved at the inception stage. Whether it's a new blockchain idea, a spin-off company from a Multi-National or a patent-pending University research project, a blank canvas is always the most exciting.

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Our team brings a unique multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. We believe that consent is better than consensus, differences of opinion generate the best solutions to the hardest problems.
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